Monday, November 22, 2010

My Personality (Part II)

I’m sure you are just going to ignore my warnings if I make a big WARNING sign here so I’ll get on with this post with whatever remaining dignity I have left... *whimper*

So this is the second part of my friends’ perspective of “My personality”. If you cannot remember what it was all about, please check the previous post - My personality (Part I).

Here are my results yet again ^___^
Fig 1. What my friends think of me. Clearly I’m anything BUT normal >.>

From the results, I was quite surprised to see the dramatic decrease in the number of people who initially thought of me as an average guy. I thought I was average but apparently not.

Here is a picture of me looking like an average guy.
Fig 2. The average guy. Although I question why he is posing in front of a camera (?) 

I look pretty average for a guy right? Some say I am tank (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE *STARE*) but quite honestly, I don’t gym or work out so I really don’t know why they would say that T____T. People who commit the time and patience to gym make me jealous... I myself continuously snack on gummy lollies and may consume over 5kg of food! I also do not diet (healthy binges aren’t diets since I just avoid fast food joints while I am on them). By saying this, I hope to evoke jealousy among the people who make ME jealous. I feel accomplished *SMILE*

Moving on, people often say that I am VERY girly or cute. This makes me sad in more ways than one
T____________________________T   <- Big sad face
 I am not particularly girly looking! And I have a firm belief that there are no REAL cute guys <sarcasm> and shock and horror to all you people who are both outraged and devastated by my conviction </sarcasm>. Also, I’m not THAT girly or cute personality wise, I prefer not to hit people cause it’ll hurt them and I don’t like people being hurt (but I’m totally fine with pinching poeple’s cheeks :3). I will be very unlikely to never cross dress also *STARE* YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE *STARE*

 Figure 3. A NOT SO GIRLY picture... believe me now?

After my rant, I’ll finish up with my nerdy aspect of myself. Clearly, my image doesn’t fit in with the typical nerd stereotype. I would love to have glasses but my vision is greater than 20/20. When other people guess what university course I am doing, I get Arts more often than not. But I can assure you that I am VERY smart... I think... though I should probably study more despite passing everything without studying – which further emphasises how smart I am. I blitz through highschools being regarded as an academic elite. And yet I still get excited when people call me smart *sigh*. It is VERY hard to play happy and outgoing and nerdy at the same time. And why I fail at stereotypes.

But here’s a very moe moe Megane-kun picture of me 83
Figure 4. Me trying to look nerdy. And failing at it... on the other hand, I think I see a very BISHII MEGANE KUN~ <3

Sadly, looking through them makes my eyes hurt.

Anyway, that concludes Part II.
The final installment, Part III contains the most surprising results of all! I hope you have all learnt a bit about what my friends think about me. I SURE DID *STARE*

Cheers, ` .tb


  1. I like your 'not so girly picture'. :P


    And yes.
    You are heaps smart.
    Please lend me your brainnnnnnnnnnn

  3. like i said before tony... you're none of the above. you're just weird. plain weird =] ... it's scary sometimes ;A;

  4. i dont see the bishi in that picture
    but i do see a doctor in tha tpicture <333

    Family Dr. Bui-sama

    ps. please don't wear bows or attempt crossdressing

  5. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~!!!!!!!! *grabs nerdy Tony in a big hug and runs away while fending off Seb who will undoubtedly try to rape Dr. Bui after he sees those pics~ :3*

  6. HEY , just happen to pass by (:
    But i <3 your geeky specs look .
    Super cool yet jappy looking !

  7. I have to admit that you do look so cute in those glasses~ Did you buy a black ribbon headband for yourself too (fig3)? And I'm glad that I wont see you in a while cause my face is sunburn and if you pinch my cheeks they'll hurt T_T, but also sad that I wont see you guys in a while.

  8. I absolutely LOVE the way i look in glasses (although this is coming from a guy who doesn't actually have to wear glasses everyday)
    and the glasses and headband are both borrowed from my sister

    well, I don't think i will cam-whore for a while so i hope you enjoyed it ^____^

  9. haha love the picture with you wearing the headband!
    then you must be such a cheerfull kind of person, i wish i can be more like that.


    in all seriousness, what a poser! why would the "average guy" be flexing his muscles LOL