Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Personality (Part III)

Apologies for not updating my blog for the last month, I seemed to have lost my artistic side for a while and couldn’t draw ANYTHING!! I’m serious, it really does happen but now that I’m better I shall blow your minds away with Part III of "My Personality".

For the third question, I wanted a slightly different focus and so I constructed a question involving impossible scenarios; ie. the first thing that pops into my head.

So here is a copy of what I send 50 of my friends to answer:
Which of the following scenarios is most likely to happen to me?
a)       I shall give all my money to charity and be left homeless. Then the charity will give me a teddybear!
b)       I will be attacked by wild teddybears, kitties and puppy dogs AND DEFEAT THEM ALL WITH MY OWN FISTS, after being cuddled to death... >.>
c)       I shall win the Nobel prize for destroying and saving humanity simultaneously
d)       I will be raped by a girl... or a guy...or possibly the same time :C

As you can imagine, my friends were completely bamboozled by my last question as it had deviated soooo much, but I can assure you, the questions had a deeper value ingrained within them despite being the product of my fleeting mind.

Anyway, here are the results:
Figure 1. The SHOCKING results.

The results reflect both my friends’ personalities and my own. Sadly, I have to say that most people would have been truthful in their response. What can I say? THE TRUTH HURTS </3

11 out of 50 people thought I was most likely to exchange my whole fortune (which is currently enough to eat mi goreng everyday for a year) for a teddybear in the name of charity. Values include Charity, Generosity and sadly gullibility. AT LEAST I’LL HAVE FUN WITH MY TEDDYBEAR~!
Figure 2. I has a teddybear ^______^... notice how my whole fortune is in coins, I’ll go cry in the corner now...

8 out of 50 thought I’d be destroyed by kittens, dogs and teddybears. This suggests an unusual attraction of cute fuzzy animals as well as being able to tolerate things till death, in which case I’d SNAP... and subsequently die...

While this scenario seems strange, I believe this most accurately describes me. I pet random kitties and doggies on the street and for all I know, they could have rabies! I am also able to tolerate just about anything and anyone minus... wait and count for it... ONE PERSON (he creeps me out ;A;). I’ve never petted teddybears, and I don’t really plan to just in case I die. UNLESS KOALAS COUNT!! Petting animals are fun~   ^_____^
Figure 3. Fuzzy things <3

My strong academic background and nerdity has drawn me 10 votes for obtaining the Nobel prize for both saving and annihilating humanity as we know it; and as I imagine it, it shall be very zombie orientated. I can’t think of much to say other than an anticipatory:
“I’m sorry for the loss of your brains my beloved readers, but don’t worry, you’ll live forever in more ways than one”.

And no, I don’t think zombies will ever exist...
 Figure 4. “I would like to thank my fellow zombies friends who have helped me earn this prize. I think I have tears in my eyes T^T”

And lastly, a whopping 21 out of 50 people believe I shall be raped by a girl:
Figure 5. She is stronger than she looks, I swear!

Or a guy: 
Figure 6. Hmmm... I want earrings... and possible less handcuffs too...

Or both:

  • <Sorry, my skill level isn’t high enough for a triple person entangled drawing. Please wait another 10 skill levels>
Figure 7. yeh-nooooooo... >.>

Apparently I am gullible and easily abused and subdued... ROAR~ I AM A MEAN VICIOUS PERSON WHO WILL EAT YOUR... ummm... HEAD... crap... wait... BRAINS~!! YEHHHHHHH... STOP LAUGHING T______T I JUST SUCK AT INSULTS AND PROVOCATIVE STATEMENTS...

Apparently my innocence is somewhat incorruptible but I would like to believe that I’m  s l o w l y  learning. It does however make me an easy target for such jokes because half the time I don’t get what people are on about. The other half of the time, I am five seconds too slow to rebut. >.>

Well, this concludes my survey. Leave any comments and/or drawing requests below. I would love any art criticisms as well, I FAIL AT SIDE VIEWS OF HEADS T^T. It is also the first time I’ve drawn such images... and it is extremely hard... I hate you all... (but I don’t mean this, I’m just venting at Mr. Invisible behind you :3)

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody ^____^

‘ .tb