Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Redesign

I thought I might start blogging again... maybe? I need to find myself in the way I draw; my very own artform. I haven't found it yet. 

I dont expect people to notice but I have redesigned my blog. I have also updated my tag.
An old GIF I made. You can see my old tag in the upper left hand corner
When I do find myself, I will try to deliver a weekly update of web comics or cartoons of some form.
Here is a free GIF I whipped up. like my new tag?
Till then, find something you love and stick with it.

Finding stars

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I guess this is the last blog post from me for the year ^____^ 

This blog has been much more successful than my previous attempts and I hope I can preserve it for future memories.

Moving on, this year of 2010 has been quite different and next year I shall be trying new and exciting things... maybe :3

No doubt the New Year comes with new and exciting changes!
  • I’ve cut my hair short for the first time in 6 years!!!! Although I swear my hair refuses to stay short and has grown a centimetre since... It’s so cute and fuzzy AND FLUFFFAH after showers I kinda want a plushie of my hair XD
  • I have grown more fond of a somewhat very casual or even slightly tb fashion sense in my clothing with much new jewellery added to my inventory. I’m not quite sure whether I would like this change in fashion sense very much but it is very much a refreshing feeling of freedom (especially since next year my study would require me to wear mostly formal gear to placement).
  • I will move out next year. Yay~! . . . maybe? I’m not sure how I’ll survive living alone and paying bills and rent but it will work out I guess. OH! And I will be also moving out to the Eastern suburbs too! It will be very interesting indeed.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, this year I also have grown closer to many of my older friends and made new ones and I hope to NEVER EVER EVER EVER fall out of their lives. I LOVE YOU ALL MY LOVELEE FRIENDS and I would gladly propose my love and enjoy a pleasant life of devotion and enlightenment through holy matrimony IF it were possible... I suspect it might violate many ethical and lawful practices if I were to do this. I guess I’m kinda clingy and overly emotional about this topic as I might be able to see them as often as I would like next year... Well, at the very least I will hope to leave an impression of 2010 in your hearts with my love and awesomeness~

Though I don’t exactly crave reader attention, for all those who do read even a single post of my thoughts and... well, apparent randomness of momentary epitomies, I would like to thank you all ^____^
So I welcome everybody to the New Year of 2011 and hope everybody finds themselves NEW things to look forwards to~!
 sorry for the bad quality... I don't have a proper camera... but yeh, this is what i plan to wear in Melbourne's 40 degree weather ^____^ 
Fashion for life

Much Love <3 ` .tb

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Personality (Part III)

Apologies for not updating my blog for the last month, I seemed to have lost my artistic side for a while and couldn’t draw ANYTHING!! I’m serious, it really does happen but now that I’m better I shall blow your minds away with Part III of "My Personality".

For the third question, I wanted a slightly different focus and so I constructed a question involving impossible scenarios; ie. the first thing that pops into my head.

So here is a copy of what I send 50 of my friends to answer:
Which of the following scenarios is most likely to happen to me?
a)       I shall give all my money to charity and be left homeless. Then the charity will give me a teddybear!
b)       I will be attacked by wild teddybears, kitties and puppy dogs AND DEFEAT THEM ALL WITH MY OWN FISTS, after being cuddled to death... >.>
c)       I shall win the Nobel prize for destroying and saving humanity simultaneously
d)       I will be raped by a girl... or a guy...or possibly both...at the same time :C

As you can imagine, my friends were completely bamboozled by my last question as it had deviated soooo much, but I can assure you, the questions had a deeper value ingrained within them despite being the product of my fleeting mind.

Anyway, here are the results:
Figure 1. The SHOCKING results.

The results reflect both my friends’ personalities and my own. Sadly, I have to say that most people would have been truthful in their response. What can I say? THE TRUTH HURTS </3

11 out of 50 people thought I was most likely to exchange my whole fortune (which is currently enough to eat mi goreng everyday for a year) for a teddybear in the name of charity. Values include Charity, Generosity and sadly gullibility. AT LEAST I’LL HAVE FUN WITH MY TEDDYBEAR~!
Figure 2. I has a teddybear ^______^... notice how my whole fortune is in coins, I’ll go cry in the corner now...

8 out of 50 thought I’d be destroyed by kittens, dogs and teddybears. This suggests an unusual attraction of cute fuzzy animals as well as being able to tolerate things till death, in which case I’d SNAP... and subsequently die...

While this scenario seems strange, I believe this most accurately describes me. I pet random kitties and doggies on the street and for all I know, they could have rabies! I am also able to tolerate just about anything and anyone minus... wait and count for it... ONE PERSON (he creeps me out ;A;). I’ve never petted teddybears, and I don’t really plan to just in case I die. UNLESS KOALAS COUNT!! Petting animals are fun~   ^_____^
Figure 3. Fuzzy things <3

My strong academic background and nerdity has drawn me 10 votes for obtaining the Nobel prize for both saving and annihilating humanity as we know it; and as I imagine it, it shall be very zombie orientated. I can’t think of much to say other than an anticipatory:
“I’m sorry for the loss of your brains my beloved readers, but don’t worry, you’ll live forever in more ways than one”.

And no, I don’t think zombies will ever exist...
 Figure 4. “I would like to thank my fellow zombies friends who have helped me earn this prize. I think I have tears in my eyes T^T”

And lastly, a whopping 21 out of 50 people believe I shall be raped by a girl:
Figure 5. She is stronger than she looks, I swear!

Or a guy: 
Figure 6. Hmmm... I want earrings... and possible less handcuffs too...

Or both:

  • <Sorry, my skill level isn’t high enough for a triple person entangled drawing. Please wait another 10 skill levels>
Figure 7. yeh-nooooooo... >.>

Apparently I am gullible and easily abused and subdued... ROAR~ I AM A MEAN VICIOUS PERSON WHO WILL EAT YOUR... ummm... HEAD... crap... wait... BRAINS~!! YEHHHHHHH... STOP LAUGHING T______T I JUST SUCK AT INSULTS AND PROVOCATIVE STATEMENTS...

Apparently my innocence is somewhat incorruptible but I would like to believe that I’m  s l o w l y  learning. It does however make me an easy target for such jokes because half the time I don’t get what people are on about. The other half of the time, I am five seconds too slow to rebut. >.>

Well, this concludes my survey. Leave any comments and/or drawing requests below. I would love any art criticisms as well, I FAIL AT SIDE VIEWS OF HEADS T^T. It is also the first time I’ve drawn such images... and it is extremely hard... I hate you all... (but I don’t mean this, I’m just venting at Mr. Invisible behind you :3)

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody ^____^

‘ .tb

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Personality (Part II)

I’m sure you are just going to ignore my warnings if I make a big WARNING sign here so I’ll get on with this post with whatever remaining dignity I have left... *whimper*

So this is the second part of my friends’ perspective of “My personality”. If you cannot remember what it was all about, please check the previous post - My personality (Part I).

Here are my results yet again ^___^
Fig 1. What my friends think of me. Clearly I’m anything BUT normal >.>

From the results, I was quite surprised to see the dramatic decrease in the number of people who initially thought of me as an average guy. I thought I was average but apparently not.

Here is a picture of me looking like an average guy.
Fig 2. The average guy. Although I question why he is posing in front of a camera (?) 

I look pretty average for a guy right? Some say I am tank (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE *STARE*) but quite honestly, I don’t gym or work out so I really don’t know why they would say that T____T. People who commit the time and patience to gym make me jealous... I myself continuously snack on gummy lollies and may consume over 5kg of food! I also do not diet (healthy binges aren’t diets since I just avoid fast food joints while I am on them). By saying this, I hope to evoke jealousy among the people who make ME jealous. I feel accomplished *SMILE*

Moving on, people often say that I am VERY girly or cute. This makes me sad in more ways than one
T____________________________T   <- Big sad face
 I am not particularly girly looking! And I have a firm belief that there are no REAL cute guys <sarcasm> and shock and horror to all you people who are both outraged and devastated by my conviction </sarcasm>. Also, I’m not THAT girly or cute personality wise, I prefer not to hit people cause it’ll hurt them and I don’t like people being hurt (but I’m totally fine with pinching poeple’s cheeks :3). I will be very unlikely to never cross dress also *STARE* YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE *STARE*

 Figure 3. A NOT SO GIRLY picture... believe me now?

After my rant, I’ll finish up with my nerdy aspect of myself. Clearly, my image doesn’t fit in with the typical nerd stereotype. I would love to have glasses but my vision is greater than 20/20. When other people guess what university course I am doing, I get Arts more often than not. But I can assure you that I am VERY smart... I think... though I should probably study more despite passing everything without studying – which further emphasises how smart I am. I blitz through highschools being regarded as an academic elite. And yet I still get excited when people call me smart *sigh*. It is VERY hard to play happy and outgoing and nerdy at the same time. And why I fail at stereotypes.

But here’s a very moe moe Megane-kun picture of me 83
Figure 4. Me trying to look nerdy. And failing at it... on the other hand, I think I see a very BISHII MEGANE KUN~ <3

Sadly, looking through them makes my eyes hurt.

Anyway, that concludes Part II.
The final installment, Part III contains the most surprising results of all! I hope you have all learnt a bit about what my friends think about me. I SURE DID *STARE*

Cheers, ` .tb

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Personality (Part I)


.... PLEASE?

EVIL READER~!!! I can’t believe I put myself through a cam whoring session. IT FELT SOOO DISGUSTING!!

But i look pwetty :3

*sigh... you aren’t gonna stop are you? Well, ok, but I warned you....

Anyways, I decided to ask my friends’ perspective of me right after the last post before this. Here is a copy of when I asked them: 
Which phrase best describes your FIRST IMPRESSION of me?
a)       An average guy
b)       Cheery and happy; friendly and sparkly~! You make my eyes hurt *_*
c)       A Teenybopper
d)       A girly/cute guy
e)       Too smart for me, better not talk to you
f)        A nerd I CAN hit since you don’t have glasses =P         
g)       I DON’T LIKE YOU *stares*

Which phrase best describes my overall personality?
a)       An average guy
b)       Cheery and happy; friendly and sparkly~! You make my eyes hurt *_*
c)       Tsundere: a person who is initially cold/hostile towards another before gradually showing their warm side over time
d)       A Teenybopper
e)       A girly/cute guy
f)        Too smart for me, better not talk to you
g)       I DON’T LIKE YOU *stares*

There is also a third question but it’s a secret for now ^______^

Anyway, here are the results with a sample size of FIFTY FRIENDS:

Figure 1. What my friends think of me *KIRA KIRA*

From the results you can definitely say that I’m made out of rainbows and unicorns~ After knowing people for a while, I guess I was also blinking glitter cause there was a 32% INCREASE in the number of people who thought I was too SPARKLY for their eyes! BEAT THAT EDWARD~!!!

Figure 2. Edward. Now stare directly into the sun. THAT WHAT I LOOK LIKE APPARENTLY=D

Jokes! I don’t blind your eyes. Here’s what I really look like~!

Figure 3. See~! I’m not toooooooooooo SPARKLY~ Certainly NOT blinding.... >.>

For all those who ACTUALLLY looked into the sun, you are all fools, but I guess you can’t see this...

For all those blinded by my picture... I hate you... I’M NOT THAT BLINDING T_______T If you want to know a personal insight, I believe I over compensate my happiness sometimes. You should catch me early in the morning one day~ I am anything BUT shiny (of course early means 5-6am in the morning after a night’s sleep; catching my @ 1am without sleep should be only attempted with a blindfold, i am THAT hyper)

But I digress; I am also very happy that my teenybopper status dropped a WHOOPING 72%~!!!!!!! Sooner or later, I guess people realise that I NEVER wag class and I don’t pretend to be “top shit” and better than them. I am MUCH NERDIER than I look~ I can confidently say that elevated serum TSH levels accompanied elevated T3 and T4 would most likely be due to an overactive pituitary or a pituitary tumour. It will usually also involve other endocrine systems. 

If you are wondering what a teenybopper is, think of a cross between a gangster’s son and the powerpuff girls. Urban dictionary describes them as: 

“Stupid girls of ages 10-14 who squeal and giggle so much that Satan is willing to drag them back to hell...”

I like my description better ^____^

 Figure 4. Being teenybopper for you all. If I get any closer to the camera, I’ll either poke my eyes out or smash my computer screen

At this point in time, I’m too ashamed to post anymore more pictures of myself so I’ll continue this next time~!  

Love ‘ .tb

I should also apologise for my crappy picture quality but all i have is a web cam, my camera broke. T^T

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Statement of Intention

I apologise for my bad literacy skills of the previous posts; I have just come to a self-realisation that I suffer from “writer’s ADHD”. I will come back to this issue in later posts. Anyway this entry will hopefully clear up some of the randomness my blog seems to possess. 

So why did I suddenly want to create yet another blog? For two very simple reasons:
1.       To improve and apply myself in writings of self reflection and record personal accomplishments
2.       To improve my drawing skills and challenge myself to a variety of different styles, genres and complex scenarios

“Teddybites” is named so because this blog contains bite sized snippets of my mind. The title creates a personification of me through a very simple acronym - tb. Tb is my initials and I can quite confidently say, I should not have the attitudes, values or in anyway associate with those “teenyboppers” you find in the streets wagging school (although it has been reported that my style of dress and behaviour may evoke a Teenybopper-like ambience). 

I am a relatively non-typical university student trying his best to be a typical university student. 

Teddybites is in no way associated to any plans, being trialled or in development to create and conquer the world with an army of mechanical teddybears that is able to bite through every known element to mankind. 

You, the reader, have the opportunity at anytime ask any questions and/or request specific art to be drawn by either posting here or emailing me at teddybites@gmail.com. All I request is that it be kept relatively appropriate for publishing on the blog. 

Putting on my jacket and ready to take on the world of the internet’s Blogosphere. 
<yes, i took ages to colour the picture; i'm sure you guys will like it more than i did, enjoy!>

Pew pew ` .tb

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Examination of exams; an analysis of their effectiveness

Welcome to my first real blog entry. As some are aware, the start of this blog marked the completion and my liberation from the tyranny of examinations, and no doubt some have still yet to triumph to a borderline pass.

For everybody who has finished, I congratulate/offer my condolences to you. For those who haven’t, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you get off the internet and continue to cram... after you read my PEARLS OF WISDOM.

Tonight, I shall be analysing examinations from my perspective.

~ The Essence of Examinations
Have you ever stopped and thought about why the educational institutions insist on exams? Of course you haven’t; YOU’D BE CRAZY TO EVER STOP AND THINK OF EXAMS UNNECCESSARILY!! 

Detaining everybody in a room and making you fabricate a literacy diarrhoea of convolutions of which you had only studied the night before seems pointless but the blackmail of FAILURE makes you keep going right?

Well, this might be a crazy idea but maybe exams were created for that purpose; to make sure students study, it’s not like people study any other time during the year!

“WHERE’S THE PEARLS OF WISDOM?” I hear you all say, most likely in reference to the bubble tea you are all craving.

Coffee tastes better served when served by cute people <3

Case 1: Coffee tastes better served with love. AND LOOK~!!! THERE'S A HEART <3  ~!!! I feel special, especially since none of my other friends got a heart :3 (taken 2 hours before exams)
~ The Ruthless Results

So, what can you do about it?

To better analyse how you can most effectively prepare yourself for the dreaded results, i shall use a method involving the temporality of the situation.
1.       Immediately before exams
·         Sleep in (highly not recommended)
·         Cram
·         Cry
·         DO NOTHING
2.       During exams
·         Sleep
·         Cry
·         Do nothing
·         DO SOMETHING (highly recommended)
3.       Post examination period
·         Hmmm... I don’t think you can’t do anything differently than what you’ve already done...

In conclusion, NOTHING you can do can really affect the marks you get, especially after having writ the exams.

OR SO I THOUGHT until the morning of the exams.

I woke up on this day at an insane time of 5.55am and got to the venue at an insane time of 7:30am (this is 2 hours before the exams!!!). The reason I was insane enough to do this was because my friend offered me a lift to exams and living on the west side, this is really, REALLY rare; thus cherished like the last bubble on bubble wrap – you abuse it anyway!

Anyway, on our journey, there was a truck which was driving whilst being tilted on one side. I could imagine it just taking a turn and rolling over on its back like a turtle; only this turtle was 4 tonnes heavy and four times the size of our car. And while turtles harmlessly flailing its legs in the air, I’m sure this accident will involve high speed explosions crushing MILLIONS of cars in its path of DESTRUCTION.

But I digress, I asked my friend, “Would you stop and help someone if there was an accident?”

At this point, I had an epiphany, making my friend’s response irrelevant (although I hope he will help me if I get into a BURNING WRECK of INTESTINAL EXCRETEMENT~).

I realised that if there was an accident, stopping to help will be a traumatic experience, I’m sure you’d be able to apply for special considerations and somehow pass without needing to complete the exam.

Morale of the story: find a BLOODY HELLFIRE of an accident and turn up to exams covered with BLOOD!
Case 2: Turn up to exams covered with... tomato sauce :P consumption of this ambiguous substance is not recommended.


On a more serious note, as of yesterday, the number of fatalities on Australian Victorian roads was 263, up from last year; 6.5 deaths per 100,000.

Please drive safely,
Love `.tb