Sunday, November 14, 2010

Statement of Intention

I apologise for my bad literacy skills of the previous posts; I have just come to a self-realisation that I suffer from “writer’s ADHD”. I will come back to this issue in later posts. Anyway this entry will hopefully clear up some of the randomness my blog seems to possess. 

So why did I suddenly want to create yet another blog? For two very simple reasons:
1.       To improve and apply myself in writings of self reflection and record personal accomplishments
2.       To improve my drawing skills and challenge myself to a variety of different styles, genres and complex scenarios

“Teddybites” is named so because this blog contains bite sized snippets of my mind. The title creates a personification of me through a very simple acronym - tb. Tb is my initials and I can quite confidently say, I should not have the attitudes, values or in anyway associate with those “teenyboppers” you find in the streets wagging school (although it has been reported that my style of dress and behaviour may evoke a Teenybopper-like ambience). 

I am a relatively non-typical university student trying his best to be a typical university student. 

Teddybites is in no way associated to any plans, being trialled or in development to create and conquer the world with an army of mechanical teddybears that is able to bite through every known element to mankind. 

You, the reader, have the opportunity at anytime ask any questions and/or request specific art to be drawn by either posting here or emailing me at All I request is that it be kept relatively appropriate for publishing on the blog. 

Putting on my jacket and ready to take on the world of the internet’s Blogosphere. 
<yes, i took ages to colour the picture; i'm sure you guys will like it more than i did, enjoy!>

Pew pew ` .tb


  1. i request a picture of me biting your head =3

  2. ^ i agree with above comment =D

  3. Fantastic outcome :O you were complaining but the result is there =D ^Agreed with the two statements above

  4. LOL writer's ADHD, i do that a lot. Just kinda lazy after the post is done and the thought of editing is a bit of a drainer. Pardon me but when I saw TB I thought nooooooo he can't be a teenybopper can he? Glad it was teddybites :)

  5. @ Tam: Thanks for you comment <3
    We should totally find the prevalence of writer's ADHD in the community, I'm sure it is a very serious problem. Possibly posting @ an insane hour of the night does not help the situation either... I don't fit into any stereotype which is very confusing for my self-identity; I'm probably more closely related to a nerd than a teenybopper. ^_____^

  6. The picture is cutee (:
    Request; DRAW ALL OF MCAC. DO IT. I DARE YOU. Nah jokes. Just draw me kthx <3